Weather in the Chéticamp Area

Chéticamp’s location, settled between the mountains and the Gulf of St.Lawrence, offers a unique maritime climate.

Summer temperatures are warm, ranging between 20 to 30 degrees Celcius. Expect warm waters, due to the relative shallowness of the Gulf, with temperatures often surpassing 20 degrees Celcius. Perfect for any ocean adventure!

Winter, with its howling winds, and white out storms, will have you cozying up by a wood stove while the ocean is silenced by the frozen pack ice which floods the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

One can't live for an extended period of time in Chéticamp without experiencing our famous ''Les Suêtes'' winds. Due to the morphology of the highlands, winds coming from the south-east are abnormally strong. Work with local carpenters on building projects – they will have to withstand winds ranging from 100km/h to 230km/h on a regular basis in the winter months. Don't worry, you'll soon have your own Suête story. They haven't blown us away yet!

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