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History buff? Music fan? Born to tap your toes? Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, because you’re going to be busy!

For well over two hundred years, the inhabitants of Chéticamp have kept their unique Acadian culture alive. From France, they brought their greatest treasures: music, language, legends, dances, festivities, and recipes. These traditions, were shaped by the challenges of the pioneers’ lifestyle, the sorrow of the Deportation [hyperlink], the rhythm of the ocean, and the cultural influence of their Scottish and Mi'kmaq neighbours. The result is a rich legacy that is still present today in kitchen parties, restaurants, festivals, and music.

Discover this unique heritage for yourself in Chéticamp’s local artisanal shops, museums, and venues. See a demonstration of the craft behind Chéticamp’s world renowned hooked rugs at Les Trois Pignons museum and visitor centre. Watch the old timers move their feet to fiddle tunes at the local tavern. At le Centre de la Mi-carême, learn about a centuries old mid-Lent festival that is still widely popular in Chéticamp, while trying your hand at mask making.

Les Trois Pignons

Type: Museum, gallery, gift shops and more
15584 Cabot Trail
Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, B0E 1H0
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-2642
Fax: 1 (902) 224-1579
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Chéticamp Pharmacy Ltd

Type: Boutique/pharmacy
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-2841

Le Conseil des arts de Cheticamp / La place des arts Père Anselme-Chiasson

Type: Theatre
15118 Cabot Trail
Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, B0E 1H0
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-1876

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Les Amis de Plein Air

Type: Boutique/Library
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-3814

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Type : National Park
Telephone : 1 (902) 224-2306

Centre de la Mi-Carême

Type: Boutique/museum
Telephone: 1 902 224-1016

Chéticamp Rug Hooking Frames

Type: Workshop
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-1093

Esprit de la Mer Gallery

Type: Gallery
Telephone: 1 (902) 235-2153


Type: Gift shops and more
14208 Cabot Trail
Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, B0E 1H0
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-3139
Fax: 1 (902) 224-1213

Health Centre Auxiliary Shop

Type: Boutique
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-4018

Nancy’s Flower Shop

Type: Flower shop
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-2127

Proud to be Hookers at Jean’s Gift Shop

Type: Gift shop and more
10 La Prairie Road
Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, B0E 1H0
Telephone: 1 (902) 224-2758