The Local Economy in Cheticamp

Chéticamp's economy, like most other coastal towns on Cape Breton Island, is based primarily on tourism, and the fisheries. Despite the seasonal nature of these industries, Chéticamp remains very active in the off season.

A low cost of living paired with an active and supportive community, ensures a great amount of potential for any new business endeavour. Multiple organizations exist to help you get on the right track. Contact one of them today!

Conseil économique de Chéticamp
Tel. : 1 (902) 224-0442

Association de développement Lemoine
Tel. : 1 (902) 224-0044

Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Tel. : 1 (902) 224-2322
Tél. : 1 (902) 224-2891

Chéticamp Welcoming Committee
Tel. : 1 (902) 224-2322


For further reading, consult our community economic plan, or our community profile;