Festival de l'Escaouette

Chéticamp's Annual Festival

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During the summer, visitors can share with the local residents a festive atmosphere in traditions and old customs.

The 2020 Festival de l'Escaouette events have moved online. Please visit our Facebook page to learn more.

We are already planning events for the 2021 Edition.

2021 Schedule: July 29, 30 and 31 and August 1st

About the festival

Festival de l'EscaouetteIf we want to explain the definition of Escaouette we must refer back to Latin sources. In Latin, the word ESCA means "food". When our ancestors celebrated Candlemas, they mostly celebrated the feast of food, the Feast of the ESCA.

In 1976, Festival organizers unanimously chose a name typical of our region "The Festival de l’Escaouette", an Acadian cultural event in Chéticamp during the summer months. The goal of the Festival is to preserve and inform residents and visitors of our Acadian heritage, and strengthen ties between the Acadian cultural organizations of Chéticamp.